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Married to 51 people
Altron Gundam

Married to 0 people
Altron Gundam (Ver Ka)

Married to 0 people
Catherine Bloom

Married to 6 people
cathy bloom

Married to 7 people
Chang Wufei

Married to 86 people
Dorothy Catalonia

Married to 13 people

Married to 43 people
duo duo maxwell

Married to 18 people
Duo Maxwell

Married to 499 people
Gundam Deathscythe

Married to 0 people
Gundam Deathscythe (Ver Ka)

Married to 0 people
Gundam Epyon

Married to 0 people
Gundam Heavyarms

Married to 0 people
Gundam Heavyarms (Ver Ka)

Married to 0 people
Gundam Sandrock

Married to 0 people
Gundam Sandrock (Ver Ka)

Married to 0 people
Heero Yuy

Married to 399 people
Hilde Schbeiker

Married to 10 people
Jessica Yuy (Heero Yuy's Sister)

Married to 1 people
katrin winner (quatres daughter)

Married to 1 people
Lady Une

Married to 18 people
Luchrezia Noin

Married to 27 people
Marimeia Kushrinada

Married to 5 people
Milliardo Peacecraft

Married to 85 people
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