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Married to 39 people
Athrun Zala

Married to 78 people
Athrun Zala <3

Married to 5 people
Athrun _Zala

Married to 99 people

Married to 18 people

Married to 15 people

Married to 13 people
auel neider

Married to 80 people
Cagalli Yula Athha

Married to 43 people
Child Auel Neider

Married to 15 people
Cutie Lacus

Married to 15 people
Dearka Elsman

Married to 7 people
Flay Allster

Married to 16 people
Gilbert Dullindal

Married to 4 people
Gilbert Durandal

Married to 31 people
Haine Westenfluss

Married to 28 people

Married to 9 people
kira and lacus

Married to 0 people
Kira Yamato

Married to 142 people

Married to 18 people
Lacus Clyne

Married to 103 people

Married to 7 people
Lunamaria Hawk

Married to 12 people
Lunamaria Hawke

Married to 85 people
Lunamaria Hawke!!!!

Married to 1 people
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Gundam Seed Destiny
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Gundam Seed Destiny
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Gundam Seed Destiny
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Gundam Seed Destiny
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