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birthdayApr 25
countryUnited Kingdom
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date registeredAug 05, 2020 23:50:50
about egg_emperor
I'm so gay for Eggman, he's gorgeous and the light of my life! I'm so in love with him and he means everything to me! after fifteen years of my undying passion, I continue to preach my love for him whenever and wherever!

remember to appreciate Eggman in all his handsome glory or I'll send my Egg Pawn children to raid your house. Eggman deserves to be appreciated 24/7, 365 days a year, you peasants. I'd obey him like a dog on leash, he makes me weak and there is no shame!

because there are multiple options for media he can be married in, I married him 43 times and I am VERY happy about this. you know what they say, the more the merrier! I've been married to him in my mind for years though, so this was just a renewal of our vows. XD he's the only character I'll ever want to marry because he's perfect in every way and I'll love him forever!

the only character I care about overall is Eggman and I want to talk about him ALL the time. my favorite Eggman is modern and classic is close behind. I am not a fan of the Sonic movie version because he's lacking all of game Eggman's sexiness.

it's the fat cuddly Eggman that's the man of my dreams, you cowards. <3

married to
  1. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic X )
  2. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Heroes )
  3. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Adventures )
  4. Robo Robotnik (Eggman) ( Sonic the Hedgehog )
  5. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Riders )
  6. Dr. Eggman ( Shadow The HedgeHog )
  7. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic-X )
  8. Dr Eggman ( Sonic R )
  9. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Adventure 2 Battle )
  10. Dr. Eggman ( SEGA SuperStar Tennis )
  11. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Advance )
  12. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Advance 2 )
  13. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Advance 3 )
  14. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure(Ne o Geo Pocket Color) )
  15. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Unleashed )
  16. Dr Eggman ( Sonic Riders Zero Gravity )
  17. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Pinball Party )
  18. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Rush Adventure )
  19. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Rush )
  20. Dr. Eggman ( Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games )
  21. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic the Hedgehog (1/30/07) )
  22. Dr. Eggman ( Sega Superstars Tennis )
  23. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut )
  24. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Adventure (Sega Dreamcast) )
  25. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast) )
  26. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing )
  27. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic The Hedgehog 4 )
  28. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Colors )
  29. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Free Riders )
  30. Dr. Eggman ( Mario & Sonic At the London Olympic Games )
  31. Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik ( Sonic )
  32. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal )
  33. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Boom )
  34. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Lost World )
  35. Dr. Eggman ( Wreck-It Ralph )
  36. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed )
  37. Dr.Eggman ( Sonic Generations )
  38. Dr.Robotnik ( Sonic Generations )
  39. Dr. Eggman ( Neo Geo Pocket Custom Sega Dreamcast Video Game )
  40. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic Forces )
  41. Dr. Eggman ( Team Sonic Racing )
  42. Dr. Eggman ( Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie Comics) )
  43. Dr. Eggman (IDW Sonic) ( IDW SONIC THE HEDGEHOG )
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I love to imagine that Eggman is always delighted to talk about his interests. he’s most enthusiastic about engaging in conversations about him and/or his interests lol. tons of true love and enthusiasm shows through the way he expresses his deepest passions, the most notable being robots and theme parks as his biggest interests. they go way back to when he was a child but he never got the chance to talk about them nearly as much as he’d like to.

going by my headcanons, his father never had the time, just like he never had much time for him in general. he at least got to do something he was interested in alongside him when he’d help out with his mechanic side work and learn from him as a teenager, but his father would say he needed to focus instead of talking. and he never had the time to listen to him talk about his favorite interests in robots and theme parks but Ivo knew it was because he didn’t care. he could never find anyone else willing to listen either.

he’s always been an attention seeker from the moment he discovered how admirable and important his grandfather was and wanted to be like him, so his father isn’t solely to blame for why he demands all the attention, importance, and spotlight. but it certainly further influenced his already existing desire to get the attention he craves and also intensified his great urge to talk about his interests and accomplishments. so he jumps at every small chance he gets now, whether people actually ask or not.

with his 300 IQ, he can be a fast learner on any subject, even when it comes to things he doesn’t really care for. but it seems there’s a part of his brain that’s seriously dedicated to storing all the knowledge of his favorite subjects and he goes out of his way to learn absolutely everything about them. his knowledge in robots and theme parks especially are endless and always growing, and he loves to talk about his very own creations on top of that. he never runs out of information to share!

this was also one of the things that initially made him interested in getting a teaching degree. it was more about showing off his knowledge, rather than caring trying to help others learn. also because he loves telling people what to do, of course. XD

he enjoys sharing his knowledge and correcting people when they’re wrong. he’ll often butt into conversations about subjects he’s interested in (well even ones that he isn’t but especially when he is) to share thoughts and facts. some find it rude but it’s a case where he doesn’t realize because he just wants the right information to be acknowledged and to correct misconceptions. he also likes to bring his related experiences and creations into the conversation so they know his sources, and because he wants to show off and make them jealous and impressed!

some get annoyed while others find it impressive or even helpful. But the negative reactions don’t matter to him because he’s delighted when someone will listen to his endless rambling and let him boast, giving him full attention and no complaints. it’s even better if they’re enthusiastic, supportive, and praise him for his knowledge! If someone encourages him to keep going, he’ll actually appreciate it but definitely won’t know how to say it. still, they can tell by the way he lights up and explains it with a big beautiful smile on his face that he can’t hide!

basically, I like to imagine that he’s just as passionate when talking about his brilliance and the things he loves as I am when I’m talking about him! he still has that same child-like wonder when learning new information about the things he’s interested in and excitement when he shares facts and stories and shows off his discoveries, creations, and accomplishments. they’re the feelings he didn’t really get to express freely as a child and it feels great to finally get to do something that he wanted all along.

I love men that are really passionate and unashamed to be, especially when it shows through the way they’re extremely knowledgeable about their favorite subjects and eager to talk about it. one of the many things that make Eggman so attractive to me is how bold, passionate, and unapologetically himself he is! It’s really admirable and inspiring too. and I’d be sure to let him know that and encourage him to express his love for his passions and support him in following his dreams related to them.

I could listen to all he has to say and observe all he has to show off for hours! then I’d ask questions to give him the opportunity to talk and show off even more as he answers and elaborates even further. once he gets going, he just can’t stop talking until he wears himself out and needs a nap. XD I’m genuinely interested as we have fascinations in common and it’s even better when I’m learning from him. there’s no better, more handsome source of interesting and valuable information heheh!

but the best part is getting to see how happy he is as he lights up, jumps for joy, and shakes his fists in excitement. he shares his plans with great confidence and presents his creations with pride. the excitement can be heard in his voice and there’s a bright wide smile on his gorgeous face all the while. I would watch with total adoration as it warms my heart! I wish he could feel that kind of happiness much more often. I’d always make sure he feels deeply loved, cared for, and listened to. :’) <333

while it is canon that he’s a deeply passionate person as there’s evidently a lot of hard work and care put into his plans/creations and determination put into his goals, this is how I headcanon him feeling about expressing it outside of what we see in the games.

I imagine that he’d love to passionately monologue to someone that isn’t just programmed to care like his robots. he can ramble to Orbot and Cubot about his upcoming plans but they always talk back and he knows they’re often judging, so it pleases him when he knows someone’s interest is genuine.

and his urge to talk about what he’s excited and proud of is probably part of why he often says too much and reveals important details of his plans to his enemies too soon! it might happen less often if he has someone to lend an ear, so he can tell them all about it beforehand. I’d love to be the one there for him! :D
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