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birthdayDec 16
last loginJul 20, 2021 21:41:11
date registeredJul 11, 2021 19:58:12
about BigTittySub
Hallo. Ich werde Teddy genannt. Ich bin 26 Jahre alt. Ich bin sehr süß und ich liebe es, Freunde zu finden.

Hello. I'm called Teddy. I am 26 years old. I am very sweet and I love making friends.
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Latest Journal Entry
ou worried 'bout leaving a better planet for our kids
How 'bout leaving better kids for our planet?
Entire generation offended at everything
Getting mad that a human thinks all lives matter
We don't need black or white or left or right
All we need is common sense, we need balance
We're all in the same boat, why you tryna make holes?
If they sink, we sink, this is madness

I'm offended that you're offended by me taking offense
Trump can't build a wall, why does your house have a fence?
I believe in two genders, I'm not mad at the rest
I'm just confused when a dude has a beard and some breasts

We won't always agree, no
I don't hate all police, no
I don't think that the system's racist
I just think the system hates people

I think fighting violence with more violence is what they want
Viruses and riots, people dying, we won't stay home
Black lives matter, all lives matter, what's all this division for?
It's modern segregation, this is setting up a civil war

Burn this circus down 'cause the world is full of clowns
They're all stupid and they're proud, painted smiles on they mouths
I don't hang with bozos, homie, I can't be around you
Anyone who knows me knows my feet don't fit in clown shoes

When I was a child, the only races that we hated
Were the ones that we ran and didn't win
Then we stopped playing with each other, started hating on each other
Started noticing the color of our skin
Christians and atheists, immigrants, patriots
We love the country but we are not saving it
Wages don't raise to the rate of inflation
And half of the country hates all of the nation, it's

Funny that we think the world owes us something
All the phones got smart but the people so dumb
We care more about the likes on a selfie than our moms
And the only time we ever speak the truth's when we're drunk
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