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birthdayJul 09
last loginJun 11, 2021 23:11:24
date registeredMay 25, 2021 20:57:37
about Princess_Peregrine
I made this as a joke but I did want to marry Master Cyclonis on a silly little website so that's why This account exists.

And from my Tumblr

18+ blog.Hi, the name's Jezibel. I post about storm hawks and reblog stuff. She/Her. 20. Lesbian. Goth.
Slay The Undead, And Kill The Necromancer
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I've been in kind of a rut this week, personally I blame it on not exercising for a while. At the start of march up until three weeks ago I was on a roll with getting some walking in. Suddenly out of nowhere I got this craving for granola bars and that took me off of walking because of how lethargic I felt from eating those. I've been eating more lately too, more in quantity and more fast food as well. Eating more isn't a bad thing but it's mainly that I just eat larger portions of one meal. I don't usually have breakfast and I don't eat at work so I usually go hungry until dinner and I have a large plate then. So eating more should be a good thing, but I thinks it's messing me up because I've been feeling more in the dumps lately and really out of shape. I'm turning 21 next month so maybe I hit that point in my life where I can't just eat whatever and have no effects from eating it. I might need to make meal planners soon and actually have an eating schedule. Which all sound very important and like things I already should be doing, but I want to get in a trip to the mall before my birthday and I always get this delicious californian sub from the mall. So I might start worrying about my weight after that.

My writing has felt lacking too. last night I was trying to write a fight scene between Piper and Cyclonis and was having such a hard time. I remember thinking as I was writing it how awful this sounded so I should probably go over it again. And the fight scene wasn't planned either. I actually wanted Cyclonis to stay on the Condor for longer but for some reason I couldn't figure out how to keep that up for much longer and suddenly I found myself writing a fight scene. I had this whole idea where Cyclonis, disguised as Lark, was going to hang around the ship for a while, maybe a mission or two, and then leave. The entire reason I started writing is because of an image in my head where Piper walks up from behind Piper with shooting stars in the sky and that's when Piper agrees to be taken back to Cyclonia with Cyclonis. Now I can't do that, and sure I could go back and delete the stuff I wrote last night and try again to keep her around. But I don't want to do that. See I ended writing last night with them getting teleported away somewhere. So all day today while I was at work I wasn't thinking about how to fix this, I was thinking about where they got teleported to.

I think I have that figured out too. I'm just going to put them on a foresty Terra halfway to Cyclonia. Seems like a good enough spot as any right? This way they're alone and can only talk to each other. On the ship I was worried about situations that were more than 2 people, and while I do need to practice more on those kinds of situations, I also just want to write Piper and Cyclonis talking to eachother. I don't remember where I read it but I remember an author saying that the parts of her stories she liked best were the ones where people just talked to each other. I'm a bit of a sponge and kind of just absorb the opinions of writers I like. Like Michelle Tea and Eileen Myles, those two are probably my favorite writers. Neither of them wrote my favorite book but they're amazing. My favorite book is actually Discount Armageddon, by uh, one second here let me look at how it's spelled, okay so it's by Seanan Mcguire. She also wrote the rosemary and rue series, I'm not a very big fan of that series, mainly a fan of her every heart a doorway and incryptid series.

I'm just kind of having fun with this journal system. I really hope I'm not breaking some kind of rule since I'm not making this about the fictional character I married.

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