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Posted by Princess_Peregrine on Jul 12, 2021 23:45:31
So I made an OC and I wanted to do smth with her on my tumblr so I asked people to send my OC some asks so I could draw her answering them. I got one, only one. It's fine, totally not peeved about it. I totally am not upset that no one asked Tolrah anything.

Anyway my birthday happened and I am now 21. I got lots of books to read. Some I bought myself but whatever. I bought myself the entire Amelia Rules comic series since I grew up with that and loved it and never stopped loving it. It's such a good series like oh my gosh. The superheroes book really left an impact on me and it's never left. The other books I did read but only 2 moments from the series actually crop up in my head regularly and make me emotional. There was a scene where tanner and amelia's mom were fighting and amelia had a bad day at the mall because of, and I hope I remember this right, stinky feet. I don't know why but that really stuck with me. The other thing that stuck with me is the character Trish. She was from the superheroes comic and she honestly, lives in my head rent free, seriously. When I first read the book I thought she was so pretty but it always made me sad because of what happened. Now I don't want to give anything away but I read the superheroes one again today and I remembered the ending wrong, see, I thought she had died. Turns out she didn't, I'm so happy that she didn't. I'm so happy she's alive. She's a fictional character yeah but idk, something about this person who I grew attatched to from reading this book, and going so many years mourning this character in my head, and finding out she lived? Honestly I did cry a little.

The Amelia Rules books were just so real to me as a kid. They weren't like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, they weren't like Ghost Town, they weren't like Frannie K stein or edgar and ellen, it wasn't like little vampire or my sister is a vampire. The Amelia Rules books were so grounded in reality and still told such great stories that stuck with me and they really helped me when I was a kid. It's just great to finally have them back with me so I can read them over again with fresh eyes after years of being done with them. I only read part of the superheroes book and I can't wait to re read the whole series and give it a hard reading, instead of a skimming. I have plenty of other books to get out of the way first though. I feel like they're going to be even better now that I'm grown up.

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